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Dispersion Compensator - Light

Gabriel Gendron

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The ClearSpectrum™ DCL is the most compact multi-channel chromatic dispersion compensator available, offering both low insertion loss and the lowest latency on the market. The channelized nature of the fiber Bragg gratings used in the DCL prevents interchannel and intrachannel nonlinear impairments such as self-phase modulation. This feature enables the DCL to handle high input power, giving it the flexibility to be used as a pre-compensator before the fiber link or as a post-compensator at the receiver end. The DCL provides full C-band coverage on either a 50 GHz or 100 GHz grid, addressing up to 96 channels with a single device. All of this performance is packed inside a passive, environmentally-rugged package that operates reliably even outside plant.

The ClearSpectrum™ DCL is valuable for applications with space limits too small for the ClearSpectrum™ DCML. The DCL uses the same multi-channel fiber-Bragg grating technology featured in the DCML, but in a compact form-factor suitable for tight-fitting applications* like multi-source agreement (MSA) modules.

*Requires an external 3-port optical circulator

  • The ClearSpectrum™ DCL has the smallest form-factor on the market, making it the superior choice for compact module environments.
  • TeraXion's exclusive channelized FBG technology mitigates both interchannel and intrachannel nonlinear impairments.
  • The ClearSpectrum™ DCL is a completely passive device, making it ideal for access networks having limited electrical power budget.
  • The ClearSpectrum™ DCL efficiently compensates chromatic dispersion with less than two meters of fiber—much less than the kilometers of fiber required for DCF modules, reducing overall link latency by 20%.

Top 5 Features


The ClearSpectrum™ DCL is the smallest multi-channel chromatic dispersion compensator on the market, with dimensions of only 57 mm X 5 mm.


The ClearSpectrum™ DCL’s athermal package is certified for operation in temperatures ranging from -5 °C to 70 °C (an extended-range version ranging from -40 °C to 85 °C is available for outside plant applications).


The ClearSpectrum™ DCL is a completely passive FBG-based device that uses no electrical power.


The ClearSpectrum™ DCL features latency as low as 25 ns, a reduction of over 1000x compared to dispersion compensating fiber (DCF), making it the perfect choice for latency-critical networks.

Low Insertion Loss

The insertion loss of the ClearSpectrum™ DCL is less than 2.0 dB.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

SMF-28 Dispersion Compensation Level

≤40 km

Channel Spacing

50 GHz


25 ns

Operating Temperature

Standard Range: -5 °C to 70 °C
Extended Range: -40 °C to 85 °C