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A leader in optics and photonics, TeraXion is a manufacturing company that designs components that will meet the future needs of the high-power femtosecond laser, optical communication, and optical sensor markets. Our employees have been at the heart of this mission for over 15 years!

Working in Québec to Tackle Global Technological Challenges

"Photonics is poised to become the key enabling technology of the future." UNESCO

At TeraXion, we develop cutting-edge components that help provide future technological solutions. Here are a few examples of new technologies that will guide our product development:

  • High-power lasers that will make the new Silk Road a reality
  • The arrival of the 5G network for the deployment of the Internet of Things and self-driving vehicles
  • The development of the greener aircraft of the future

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Exceptional Work Environment and Conditions

TeraXion offers its teams an unparalleled work environment in spaces that are lauded for their architectural design, as well as competitive wages and social benefits.


Social activities

Group Insurance

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On-Going Training

Flexible Hours

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Competitive Salary

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A Solid Team

Pursuing your career at TeraXion means joining a tight-knit team of multidisciplinary colleagues. With teams ranging from research and development to production, you’ll meet many passionate people who are ready to share their experiences and eager to find solutions for their colleagues' and our clients' needs. A number of social and athletic activities are organized throughout the year, including a lunchtime beach volleyball tournament in the summer!

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What our People Say

Being TeraXian is having the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team and to tackle high-tech challenges.
Gabriel Paré-Olivier Ingénieur
I love being part of a large team. When TeraXion wins, everybody wins!
Susan Courchesne Buyer
Despite my TSA-Asperger condition, I am treated like a normal person and it feels great. Not being outcast and playing a part, as I am, gives me great pride.
Gabriel Fleury Technical Assistant
Being TeraXian is to embrace change, improvement and excellence.
Eric Lemaire Quality Director
Being TeraXian is to belong right here, in the midst of the "aXion".
Hervé Cardronnet Technical Assistant
I love being part of a team that strives to improve and succeed in a positive, welcoming and grateful environment. It is a strength of TeraXion's.
Pierre-Michel Belzile Technician

Discover our office space

"We were looking for an unconventional architecture that would maximize visual impact and our teams' motivation." - Alain-Jacques Simard, former President and CEO, TeraXion

All of TeraXion's employees work at the ultra-modern Québec headquarters, which won the CECOBOIS 2014 prize for its innovative architecture.

Distinctive values

Every company has its own path and set of values that guide its decisions. TeraXion’s four values represent the company’s beginnings as a start-up in the 2000s, its development over the years through highs and lows, and its evolution into a strong, lasting business.

Agility means making decisions that will help the company continue to prosper and move away from old habits. Agility is necessary for working and adapting in our ever-changing environment.

Inventiveness means analyzing problems from different angles and supporting our clients in the development of innovative solutions. Inventiveness is crucial for finding opportunities in new markets.

Thoroughness means staying focused on objectives and making fact-based decisions. Thoroughness is important for upholding the promises made to clients and colleagues.

Wisdom means relying on our experience and sharing knowledge and know-how. Wisdom allows our company to learn, to fully understand the concepts of agility, inventiveness, and discipline, and to integrate them into our work.

Internships and summer employment

TeraXion is recognized for its paid internship and summer employment program, which every year allows students to broaden their horizons in the field of photonics and to hone their academic training within TeraXion’s teams.

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