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High-Power Laser Components

TeraXion has been offering high-power fiber laser products for over 15 years. Our products are based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology. We master all facets of FBGs and continue to innovate together with our customers to produce more and more power.

Industrial fiber laser components

Solid-state and gas lasers were introduced to the metal-working industry in the 1990s. Those lasers have since been increasingly replaced by fiber lasers, which consume less power and cost less to maintain. Moreover, challenging industrial applications, such as thick metal cutting, have placed even higher laser output power requirements.

To sustain their adoption and market growth, fiber lasers must continue to raise their output power and reduce the cost-per-watt ($/W). One method to increase the power of fiber lasers is to combine several lower-power oscillators to create a higher-power beam. This has been the standard in the laser-based cutting industry for years. While that strategy does increase the overall power, it does not significantly reduce $/W.

TeraXion's PowerSpectrum products enable manufacturers to reduce $/W by increasing the power output of single oscillators, resulting in fewer high-power oscillators per system.

Medical fiber laser components

The use of lasers for therapeutic purposes began several decades ago and they are now widely-used in clinics. A variety of solid-state, semiconductor and gas lasers are used for several therapies including ophthalmology, urology and dermatology. The key attributes of fiber lasers, namely beam quality, efficiency, flexibility, and compactness, make them an attractive technology to improve accuracy and to facilitate increasingly less-invasive treatments, reducing the risk of collateral damage and decreasing the duration of procedures.

Fiber lasers are positioned to become more prevalent in medicine, and there is a need for components specifically designed for the modes of operation, wavelengths, and requirements of medical fiber lasers. TeraXion meets this need by offering products manufactured with innovative processes, guaranteeing unparalleled power handling and incomparable reliability.

Michel Bégin
Michel Bégin
Product Line Manager
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High-Power Laser Reflectors

TeraXion has been producing quality fiber Bragg grating (FBG) reflectors since the early days of high-power fiber laser design more than 15 years ago. We have amassed years of expertise and we understand the challenges our customers face when they have to manage power in various optical fibers. This enables us to offer them personalized support, from the design to the manufacture of high-power fiber lasers. Our PowerSpectrum™ product line meets the needs of high-power applications and ensures reliable operation at powers up to several kilowatts. Our products increase oscillator power, efficiency and reliability, and thus reduce the cost per watt of the laser system.

RSS Raman Scattering Suppressor

Above a certain power level called the Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) threshold, the laser photons start to be converted into lower-energy photons, with the difference in photon energies being transferred to the lattice vibrations. In the spectral domain, the net result is a transfer of energy from the output wavelength of the laser to longer wavelengths (the so-called Stokes shift). Since most materials processing applications cannot handle the decreased spectral irradiance of the laser, a number of system design compromises are generally required to deal with this issue. Too often these trade-offs are coupled with higher system complexity and cost. By specifically eliminating Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) photons at strategic locations in the optical chain, TeraXion's RSS PowerSpectrum™ represents a new, powerful tool for fiber laser designers seeking enhanced output power.

WSF Wavelength Suppression Filter

The WSF series are all-fiber band-stop (notch) filters that are used to selectively attenuate or block a wavelength or a range of wavelengths while allowing other wavelengths to pass through.

Using TeraXion’s exclusive tilted FBG filter technology, the WSF cleverly guides unwanted signals through the cladding of the fiber where it can finally be safely extracted out.

Typical applications include tandem or in-band pumped fiber lasers, laser systems with dual- or multi-wavelengths, etc.

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TeraXion's capacity to transform complex technologies into innovative components is unmatched.

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