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High-Power Reflector

Michel Bégin

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The HPR fiber Bragg-grating (FBG) cavity reflectors are specifically designed for high-power fiber lasers. The HPR laser reflectors are suitable for multi-kW laser systems and are tailored to fit any fiber oscillator design.

TeraXion's primary goal for the PowerSpectrum™ HPR reflectors is to reduce the cost-per-watt of high-power laser systems by enabling customers to increase the power produced by individual laser oscillators, thus reducing the number of laser cavities needed to achieve the highest power levels.

TeraXion’s proprietary FBG manufacturing process allows for a wide reflection bandwidth and low-loss reflectors, resulting in reduced non-linear effects and highly effective lasers.

Top 5 Features

Power Handling

Power Handling

The efficient heat management of the PowerSpectrum™ HPR reflectors allows for reliable operation in multi-kW laser designs.



By limiting component insertion loss, hence improving optical conversion efficiency, the PowerSpectrum™ HPR reflectors reduce overall laser system costs.



The PowerSpectrum™ HPR reflectors ensure that each laser oscillator produces optimal power, simplifying the laser system design and decreasing cost-per-watt by reducing the number of oscillators required.



Long-term dependability is critical for industrial laser systems, and TeraXion has deployed tens of thousands of HPR units for over a decade.



TeraXion will work through the entire product development process, from prototyping to mass production.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Power Handling

Up to 3 kW, depending on fiber type

Wavelength Bands

Ytterbium (1 µm)
Erbium (1.5 µm)
Thulium (2 µm)

Fiber Types

Cladding diameters from 125 µm to 700 µm