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WaveBlock - Wavelength Suppression Filter

RSS Raman Scattering Suppressor
Michel Bégin

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The WSF series of wavelength suppression filters are band-stop all-fiber filters that allow to block the transmission of a wavelength or a range of wavelengths over a specified bandwidth.

The WSF series are all-fiber band-stop (notch) filters that are used to selectively attenuate or block a wavelength or a range of wavelengths while allowing other wavelengths to pass through.  Using TeraXion’s exclusive tilted FBG filter technology, the WSF cleverly guides unwanted signals through the cladding of the fiber where it can be safely extracted out.  WSF band-stop filters are useful in many applications including tandem or in-band pumping, spectroscopy, biomedical imaging, microscopy, or other life sciences or scientific applications.

TeraXion’s proprietary FBG manufacturing process allows for a wide reflection bandwidth and low-loss reflectors, resulting in reduced non-linear effects and highly effective lasers.

To learn more about TeraXion's WSF, read our application note

Top 5 Features

Power Handling

Power Handling

With its all-fiber design, the WSF can reliably operate at power largely exceeding alternative solutions.


Highly Efficient

Low insertion losses for highly efficient filtering and lower laser costs.



With its all-fiber design and low insertion losses, the WSF offer lower costs and considerably simplifies system design.



Long-term dependability is critical for industrial or scientific laser systems, and TeraXion has deployed thousands of FBG units over a decade.



TeraXion will work through the entire product development process, from prototyping to mass production.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Stopband attenuation loss

20 dB

Stopband bandwidth

5 to 20 nm

Stopband center wavelength

700 to 2000 nm