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Raman Scattering Suppressor

RSS Raman Scattering Suppressor
Michel Bégin

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The PowerSpectrum RSS is an all-fiber, FBG-based unique bandpass filter that eliminates the Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) while transmitting the laser signal in high-power fiber lasers. It is the only cost-effective solution that eliminates the SRS at its source and enables immunity from back reflection from the work piece.

The laser material processing industry requires high throughput without sacrificing process stability to ensure high manufacturing yield. As they increase the output power, laser manufacturers face challenges such as thermal instabilities or nonlinearities that reduce the laser overall stability and reliability. Luckily, they can overcome these by using  TeraXion’s PowerSpectrum™ RSS (Raman Scattering Suppressor to decrease the Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) effect within their lasers. This reduction of SRS greatly contributes to increasing the laser engines’ output, while improving their immunity to back reflections, improving their reliability and the general power output stability. The RSS also allows laser manufacturers to use smaller core fibers to lower thermal mode instabilities (TMI), hence improving both pointing stability and power spatial distribution.

TeraXion’s proprietary FBG manufacturing process allows for a wide reflection bandwidth and low-loss reflectors, resulting in reduced non-linear effects and highly effective lasers.

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Top 5 Features

Power Handling

Increase Power

Suitable for up to 3 kW oscillators & MOPA up to 5 kW



Ensures that all photons generated are used for the process



Allows to increase the usable output power of fiber laser oscillators by up to 40%


Increase Reliability

Enables immunity from back reflections from the work piece.



TeraXion will work through the entire product development process, from prototyping to mass production.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

SRS attenuation level

20 dB

Wavelength Bands

Ytterbium (1 µm)

Fiber Types

  • Core sizes from 20 - 25 µm
  • Cladding sizes 125 - 600 µm