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WaveLock - Wavelength Locker

Michel Bégin

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The WVL series of wavelength locking Fiber Bragg Gratings allow to precisely control and stabilize the wavelength of diode lasers.

TeraXion WaveLock series of FBG wavelength lockers are used to lock and stabilize the wavelength and intensity of laser diodes. TeraXion’s WaveLock series offer excellent performances in terms of wavelength accuracy, bandwidth, side mode suppression ratio, and insertion losses. FBG wavelength lockers are used in many applications requiring lasers with high stability and wavelength accuracy, such as laser pumping, optical sensing, spectroscopy, scientific research, etc.

To learn more about "FBGs for Laser Diode Wavelength Locking", download our application note

Top 5 Features

High Wavelength Accuracy​

TeraXion's precise manufacturing process ensures high wavelength accuracy to FBG-locked laser diodes

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Low Temperature Dependence​

TeraXion’s Wavelength lockers maintain consistent laser performance across varying temperatures, ensuring stable output.


Low Insertion Loss

The WVL introduces minimal attenuation to the optical signal passing through it, preserving the signal's strength and quality

High Side Lobe Suppression Ratio

It effectively minimizes unwanted reflections or secondary peaks in the optical signal, ensuring a clean and precise output waveform.

Custom Versions Available

TeraXion offers tailored configurations of the wavelength locker to meet specific requirements or preferences of customers, ensuring versatility and adaptability to diverse applications.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Center Wavelength

700 - 1700 nm


3 - 20 dB

Bandwidth (FWHM)

0.08 - 2 nm