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Med-2 series HPR High-Power Reflector

Michel Bégin

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The Med-2 Series HPR fiber Bragg-grating (FBG) cavity reflectors are specifically designed for high-power Continuous-Wave (CW) and Quasi-Continuous-Wave (QCW) Thulium (Tm) medical fiber lasers emitting at 1940 nm.

TeraXion's primary objective with HPR Med-2 Series reflectors is to ensure reliable long-term operation of medical systems using Tm fiber lasers.

TeraXion has developed a proprietary manufacturing process to minimize the heating of reflectors for lasers operating at 1940 nm. Thanks to the low insertion losses of these reflectors, oscillators are less likely to generate self-pulsing and provide more consistent performance from one unit to another.

Top 5 Features

Power Handling

Power Handling

The unique manufacturing process and efficient thermal management of the HPR Med-2 series reflectors ensure minimal heating at the operating power required by the application.



By limiting the component insertion loss and thus improving the efficiency of optical conversion, HPR Med-2 Series reflectors reduce the overall costs of medical Thulium fiber lasers.



HPR Med-2 Series reflectors ensure that each laser oscillator produces optimal power, simplifying laser system design and reducing the cost per watt.



With very consistent performance and quality, long-term stable operation is ensured for operation in CW and QCW mode.



 TeraXion will work with customers throughout the product development process, from prototyping to mass production.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Power handling (signal)

100 W average, 1 kW peak

Power handling (pump)

200 W average, 1.5 kW peak


1940 nm

Fiber Types

25/400 double clad fibers (typical), other sizes available