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Slope-Matched Tunable Dispersion Compensator


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The ClearSpectrum™ TDCMX-SM is the only G.652 slope-matched, tunable chromatic dispersion compensator on the market that provides adjustable, simultaneous compensation for all channels across the entire C-band, all within a single device. The revolutionary TDCMX-SM is built on TeraXion’s established dispersion-compensation technology that has been providing reliable operation for over 15 years. This “single part number” solution reduces cost-per-bit ($/bit) by enabling customers to use intensity-modulation direct-detection at 100 Gb/s over distances up to 80 km.

System vendors who serve communication and internet service providers (CSP & ISP) are seeking ways to increase data rates in next-generation DWDM access networks. This is particularly true for data-center interconnect (DCI)/enterprise, fiber-to-the-premises (FTTx), and 5G X-Haul networks operating with intensity modulation direct detection (IMDD) modulation formats such as PAM-4. Receivers for these modulation formats have very low tolerance for chromatic dispersion. As data rates increase, the tolerance decreases even further. These networks must then manage chromatic dispersion when operating at high data rates over longer distances.

The TDCMX-SM has been developed to efficiently address this challenge. The TDCMX-SM is a “single part number” solution that is matched to the dispersion slope of G.652 fiber and can also be dynamically adjusted, enabling a reach of up to 80 km on 50 and 100 GHz channel grids.

  • The channelized TDCMX-SM is immune to non-linear effects that are associated with high optical powers, such as self-phase modulation and four-wave mixing.
  • The TDCMX-SM is the only device that combines tunability, multi-channel performance, and G.652 slope-matched dispersion compensation with a single product.
  • Our exclusive FBG dispersion management technology makes our devices extremely compact.

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Top 5 Features



The TDCMX-SM provides highly accurate, dynamically adjustable chromatic dispersion compensation over a large range of dispersion values (from 0 to 80 km with the same module).

Low latency


The TDCMX-SM features a latency of less than 25 ns, a reduction of over 1 000x compared to dispersion compensating fiber (DCF), making it the perfect choice for time-sensitive networks.

slope matched

G.652 Slope-Matched

The TDCMX-SM compensates for the chromatic dispersion slope of the fiber, resulting in a precise, homogeneous residual-dispersion for every channel of the C-band.



TDCMX-SM features full C-band coverage, either on a 50 GHz or 100 GHz grid.



The ClearSpectrum™ TDCMX-SM has dimensions of only 130 x 22 x 14 mm.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Channel Grid

50 GHz and 100 GHz

Channel Grid Tuning Range

±30 GHz

Compensation Range

0 km to 80 km