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Ultra Narrowband Tunable Optical Filter


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The TFN Narrowband Tunable Optical filter combines TeraXion's fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology and a thermally-tunable platform to create a tunable filter with unprecedented stability and resolution. The compact and reliable TFN is available in two models—reflection (R) and transmission-reflection (T-R). The narrowband option enables bandwidths from 2 GHz to 50 GHz, and the ultra-narrowband option enables bandwidths from 50 MHz to 500 MHz. Both models feature wavelength positioning precision of 2 pm (250 Mhz) at 1550 nm over a range of ±30 GHz around the center wavelength. These combined features make the TFN an ideal choice for a range of fine-precision applications.

The TFN tunable optical filter has been specifically designed for high-precision applications that require a high-optical isolation coupled with precise and accurate narrowband filtering. The TFN provides excellent sideband filtering and carrier suppression, making this tunable filter ideal for RF over fiber and advanced fiber-optic sensing systems.

  • Exclusive FBG technology creates optical filters with high reflectivity and sharp-edged spectra. Our deep knowledge of FBG design and manufacturing also allows us to supply phase-shifted, ultra-narrow optical filters, having bandwidths as small as 50 MHz.
  • The precise thermal control maintains the stability of the filter reflection and transmission spectra.

Top 6 Features

Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth

Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth

The TFN supports reflection bandwidths as narrow as 50 MHz.


Precision Tuning

The TFN is tunable over a range of ±30 GHz around the center frequency with a resolution of 2 pm.

High-Optical Isolation

High-Optical Isolation

Narrowband models can reach optical isolation as high as 25 dB.



Both the narrowband flat-top filter and ultra-narrowband notch filter have sharp-edged spectra for precision wavelength filtering.



TFN R and T-R modules can be cascaded to separate, redirect, and combine different wavelength peaks.

multi channel

Easy Integration

The TFN comes equipped with LabVIEW™-based control software that makes this tunable filter ready-made for advanced fiber-optic systems that require broadband tuning and excellent sideband suppression.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Central Wavelength

Single value in the range of 700 nm to 2 100 nm 

Bandwidth for Narrowband Configuration

Single value in the range of 2 GHz to 50 GHz

Bandwidth for Ultra-Narrowband Configuration

Single value in the range of 35 MHz to 500 MHz

Positioning Precision

 250 MHz

Tuning Range

±30 GHz