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DFB Semiconductor Laser Module


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The PureSpectrum™ LM is a no-fuss laser module that combines a DFB semiconductor laser diode, a low-noise current-source, and temperature-controller, all into a single package. The compact size of the LM does not sacrifice power—the output from an LM can be as high as 100 mW. The LM operates single-mode with a linewidth less than 1 MHz and tunable over a 50 GHz range with 5 MHz resolution. The compact, high-power and reliable LM laser comes ready-made for integration in embedded designs and OEM applications.

TeraXion developed the PureSpectrum™ LM to be a reliable and easy-to-integrate seed laser source for OEM applications, such as lidar and metrology. The semiconductor-based, fully-integrated unit eliminates complicated alignment and integration time, and the high output-power allows for a better signal-to-noise ratio.

  • The all-in-one construction of the PureSpectrum™ LM combines a high-power diode with ultra-low noise laser drive electronics, making it a natural choice for OEM applications where easy integration is paramount.
  • The high output power of the PureSpectrum™ LM exceeds any other laser of its size and construction.

Top 5 Features

Power Handling


The PureSpectrum™ LM can provide up to 100 mW of output power.

multi channel

Easy Integration

The PureSpectrum™ is an all-in-one diode laser system for embedded designs and OEM applications that requires almost no set-up and is ready to use in minutes.



All of the power and precision of the PureSpectrum™ LM fits within a 3 cm X 6 cm X 9 cm volume—less than the size of a bar of soap.



The construction of the PureSpectrum™ LM protects the system from shock and vibration, and the laser is operational over a temperature range -5° C to 55° C.



The PureSpectrum™ LM features no-mode hopping operation across its full operating temperature range.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Output Power

40 mW, 80 mW, or 100 mW.


<1 MHz


Selection of a single wavelength in the range of 1525—1565 nm

Relative Intensity Noise at >5 MHz

< -160 dBc/Hz

Frequency Tuning Range

±25 GHz