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Chromatic Dispersion Emulator


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The ClearSpectrum™ CDE is an ultra-compact chromatic dispersion emulator that uses TeraXion's fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology to emulate the chromatic dispersion of hundreds or thousands of kilometers of fiber within the volume of a single half 1U 19-inch rack module. The modules have ultra-low insertion loss and can be cascaded several times to emulate hundreds of thousands of picoseconds per nanometer of dispersion with no external power required.

TeraXion has developed the ClearSpectrum™ CDE as a space-saving and cost effective solution for researchers who need to emulate the chromatic dispersion of hundreds or even thousands of kilometers of fiber. The ultra-low insertion loss also reduces the number of amplifiers required for long-haul emulation, trimming expenses while saving laboratory space.

TeraXion's exclusive FBG technology enables the CDE to emulate thousands of kilometers of dispersion with ultra-low insertion loss within a single space-saving module. 

Top 5 Features

Low Insertion Loss

Low Insertion Loss

The ClearSpectrum™ CDE significantly reduces the accumulated insertion loss caused by hundreds or thousands of kilometers of transport  fiber, thus reducing the number of amplifiers needed when emulating very long fiber links.



The ClearSpectrum™ CDE eliminates the cost of purchasing and storing large fiber spools and reduces the number of amplifiers needed for long-haul transmission emulation.

Wide Bandwidth

Wide Bandwidth

The ClearSpectrum™ CDE supports bandwidths as high as 350 GHz.

Massive Dispersion Levels

Massive Dispersion Levels

Dispersion emulation as high as 45,000 ps/nm per module. The CDE modules can be cascaded to emulate submarine networks dispersion levels.



The ClearSpectrum™ CDE is available as either half 1U 19-inch rack-mountable or benchtop modules.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Emulation Level

Up to 45 000 ps/nm per module

Operational Bandwidth

Up to 350 GHz

Insertion Loss

As low as 0.011 dB per kilometer emulated