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Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module - Benchtop


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The ClearSpectrum™ TDCMB is a tunable, fully integrated emulator / compensator that provides accurate dynamic control of chromatic dispersion for test and measurement applications. The instrument features TeraXion’s fiber-Bragg grating (FBG) technology, which has a broad dispersion range and operational bandwidth. The TDCMB is available in benchtop and rackmount versions. The control software interface allows for easy integration and minimal setup time for experimental configurations.

The ClearSpectrum™ TDCMB combines chromatic dispersion compensation and emulation within a single, easy-to-use instrument. The integration of these features saves space, reduces cost, and simplifies experiment design, making the TDCMB ideal for R&D labs and production floors.

  • Our exclusive FBG dispersion management technology makes our devices extremely compact.
  • The tunable TDCMB is a dual-use chromatic dispersion emulator + compensator, making it a uniquely versatile instrument for research and testing.

Top 4 Features



The ClearSpectrum™ TDCMB provides both emulation and compensation of chromatic dispersion within one product, reducing the number of parts needed in a test and measurement setup.



The ClearSpectrum™ TDCMB provides accurate dynamic control of chromatic dispersion for any channel in a test and measurement application.



The ClearSpectrum™ TDCMB control software interface is easy to install and intuitive to operate.



The ClearSpectrum™ TDCMB is available in either space-saving benchtop or half 1U 19-inch rack-mountable versions.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Dispersion Range

As high as 2 000 ps/nm

Operational Bandwidth

>45 GHz

Dispersion Resolution

5 ps/nm

Insertion Loss

<5 dB, depending on the configuration