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High-Power Laser Components

TeraXion manufactures FBG components for high-power laser systems used in industrial, defense, scientific research and medical applications.

For over 20 years, TeraXion has led the Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology. Our expertise in high-power fiber lasers allows us to innovate alongside our clients, constantly enhancing power capabilities with each advancement.

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Industrial Fiber Laser Components

Solid-state and gas lasers initially dominated metal-working in the 1990s, but fiber lasers are now favored for their efficiency and cost advantages. Moreover, tasks like thick metal cutting demand higher laser output powers. To meet market demands, fiber lasers must increase power while reducing cost-per-watt. TeraXion's PowerSpectrum products address this by enhancing individual oscillator power, reducing the need for multiple high-power oscillators and optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Medical Fiber Laser Components

Decades ago, lasers emerged for therapeutic purposes and are now widely used in medical fields like ophthalmology, urology, and dermatology. Fiber lasers, known for their precision and minimally invasive capabilities, are gaining popularity. With this rise, there is a growing demand for specialized components tailored to medical fiber laser technology. TeraXion meets this demand with innovative, reliable products designed for various operational modes and wavelengths.

 Explore CW and QCW FBG Reflectors at 2µm

Michel Bégin
Michel Bégin
Product Line Manager
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