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Chromatic Dispersion Emulators are useful tools which are offered in two different plug-and-play version perfectly suited for labs and manufacturing environments. The first version is completely passive and is designed to emulate the dispersion of thousands of kilometers of transmission fiber in order to test the dispersion tolerance of coherent detection solutions. The second version is tunable and offers flexibility and precision to the one who needs to accurately emulate or compensate dispersion on any channel regardless of the channel plan.


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  1. Silicon Photonics-Based Laser System for High Performance Fiber Sensing - 4562 Kb

    S. Ayotte*, D. Faucher, A. Babin, F. Costin, C. Latrasse, M. Poulin, É. G. Deschenes, F. Pelletier, M. Laliberte

    24th International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors 2015 SPIE - Contributed Paper, September 2015

  2. Efficient Writing of Bragg Gratings Through the Coating of Various Optical Fibers·- 307 Kb

    M. Bernier(1), F. Trépanier(2), J. Carrier(1),(2) and R. Vallée(1), (1) Center for Optics, Photonics and Lasers (COPL), Laval University (2) TeraXion

    Advanced Photonics - OSA 2014

  3. High-End FBG Design and Manufacturing for Industrial Lasers, Sensing and Telecommunications·- 319 Kb

    F. Trépanier, G. Brochu, M. Morin, A. Mailloux

    Advanced Photonics - OSA 2014

  4. Generalized full-vector multi-mode matching analysis of whispering gallery microcavities·- 1085 Kb

    Xuan Du(1), Serge Vincent(1), Mathieu Faucher(2), Marie-Josée Picard(2), and Tao Lu(1). (1) Victoria University, (2) TeraXion

    Optics EXPRESS - OSA June 2014

  5. Ultra Low Noise Optical Phase-Locked Loop·- 1412 Kb

    Simon Ayotte, André Babin, François Costin

    Photonics West 2014, February 2014