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Chirped Module with VBG Compressor

Pascal Deladurantaye

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The PowerSpectrum™ CM-V is the most compact and robust ultrafast pulse stretcher+compressor pair on the market. Every stretcher+compressor unit is paired in-house and features a TeraXionPowerSpectrum™ TPSR-V that has been individually designed and tuned to a specific volume Bragg grating (VBG) compressor. This attention to detail results in superior phase control and performance that is unmatched in the industry.

TeraXion developed the PowerSpectrum™ CM-V to ensure the highest possible performance for ultrafast lasers using VBG pulse compression.

  • Our exclusive FBG dispersion management expertise facilitates accurate phase control, which enables pedestal-free femtosecond pulses.
  • In-house pairing of each TPSR-V to a specific volume Bragg grating (VBG) compressor minimizes phase errors for optimal pulse compressibility.
  • Our flexible and user-friendly software make it easy to integrate the CM-V into any laser design.

To learn more about TeraXion's Twin Peaks, read our application note


Top 5 Features

time saving


TeraXion has the facilities, skills, and resources to pair TPSR-V and VBG units far more efficiently than most end-users.



The compact, all-fiber construction remains operational in changing environmental conditions.



The PowerSpectrum™ CM-V is the most compact pulse stretcher+compressor pair in the industry.



The composite design of the CM-V, combined with full electronic control, results in shorter cycle times, increased throughput, and lower operating costs

multi channel


Software integration between the CM-V and the laser system enables dynamic and precise pulse control and virtually eliminates hardware alignment and servicing.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Center Wavelength

1 µm band

FBG Spectral Shape

Customizable, Flat Top, Twin Peaks

Total Stretching Window

500 ps

Dispersion Tuning

D2, D3 and D4