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Xtended Tunable Pulse Stretcher for High-Energy Ultrafast Lasers

TPSR Xtended Tunable Pulse Stretcher for High-Energy Ultrafast Lasers
Pascal Deladurantaye

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The PowerSpectrum™ TPSR-Xtended tunable pulse stretcher is a compact, robust and cost-effective solution to control pulse durations in chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) systems that use diffraction grating (Treacy) or volume Bragg grating (VBG) compressors. The TPSR-Xtended is specially designed for high-energy lasers which require more stretching of the pulse before the amplification chain. The tuning feature allows the user to control the duration of the pulse and offsets amplifier-induced nonlinear effects. Tunability also reduces the laser system development cycle times and compensates for manufacturing variations. The all-fiber construction creates a compact and environmentally stable package suitable for a variety of demanding applications. The result is a customizable pulse stretcher that enables ultrafast laser systems that are powerful, low-maintenance, and cost-effective.

Early on, TeraXion recognized the emerging importance of ultrafast fiber lasers for industrial and medical applications. The TPSR-Xtended is specifically designed for the generation of ultrafast pulses below 150 fs that are pedestal-free with high-energy, high average power, and low-cost while remaining environmentally stable.

  • Our exclusive FBG dispersion management expertise facilitates accurate phase matching, which enables pedestal-free femtosecond pulses.
  • Our in-house pairing of each TPSR-Xtended to a specific customer-provided volume Bragg grating (VBG) or diffraction grating (Treacy) compressor minimizes phase errors for optimal pulse compressibility.
  • Our flexible and user-friendly software make it easy to integrate the TPSR-Xtended pulse stretcher with any laser design.


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Top 5 Features



The TPSR-Xtended will accurately fine tune the phase, thus allowing for a dynamic pulse control to reach the highest peak-power.



The lastest tunable pulse stretcher maximizes performance at any energy regime and for every laser produced. 



Low Cost

The ingenious, all-fiber design of the TPSR-Xtended is the most cost-effective way to temporally shape the pulse in comparison to electro-optic or MEMS-based pulse shapers. 



The TPSR-Xtended is based on the technology of our Telcordia®-qualified telecom products which are still operating after decades of use.

multi channel


Compatible with almost any laser architecture comprising different types of amplifiers and compressors.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Center Wavelength 

1 µm  1.5 µm  and  2 µm band    

FBG Spectral Shape

Customizable, Flat Top, Twin Peaks*

Total Stretching Window

Single FBG: 1 200 ps

Double FBG: 2 400 ps

Dispersion Tuning

β2, β3, β4 and β5

*1 µm only