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Quebec City – Nov 17, 2020

PRODUCT RELEASE: TPSR-Xtended for High-Energy Ultrafast Lasers

Quebec City, November 17th – TeraXion is proud to launch the PowerSpectrum™ TPSR-Xtended, a tunable pulse stretcher specially designed for high-energy lasers which require a wider stretching of the pulse before the amplification chain.

TeraXion’s PowerSpectrum™ TPSR-Xtended is a key component for ultrafast laser designers who are looking to maintain high peak power without creating strong Self-Phase Modulation that would distort the pulse.  

This brand-new FBG-based tunable pulse stretcher increases the stretching by up to 50 %, which enables an increase of energy per pulse by the same factor and equates a total stretching window up to 2 400 ps. The previously proven benefits of the tuning feature have been improved to adjust the high order of dispersion from β2 to β5. This latest improvement is an asset to tackle distortions induced by Self-Phase Modulation, asymmetric seed spectrum and amplification so that the highest pulse quality can be reached at any energy level.

The laser material processing industry requires higher throughput at low system cost without compromising on process stability to ensure high manufacturing yield. The TPSR-Xtended ensures industry requirements are met through its increased stretching window and β5 tuning capabilities which allow for a constant performance for every laser produced.

About TeraXion

TeraXion is a leader in the manufacturing of innovative photonic components that incorporate fiber Bragg gratings, low noise lasers and integrated photonics. Its unique expertise makes it a prime partner for its clients: companies in telecommunications, medical equipment, aerospace and defence.

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