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Québec City – Jun 30, 2020

PRODUCT RELEASE : TeraXion tackles Raman in high power fiber lasers with its RSS filter

RSS Raman Scattering Suppressor

Quebec City, June 30th – TeraXion is proud to launch the PowerSpectrum™ RSS (Raman Scattering Suppressor) which enhances higher power in fiber lasers without compromising system stability and performance.

TeraXion’s PowerSpectrum™ RSS (Raman Scattering Suppressor) is a new, powerful tool intended for fiber laser designers who are looking to increase their optical power by selectively removing Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) photons at strategic locations of the optical chain.

This new FBG-based product increases the SRS wavelength attenuation by more than 20 dB over a wide bandwidth without compromising the signal strength and quality. Unique in the industry, the RSS comes as a natural choice for power scaling. Once integrated in a high power CW fiber laser system, the RSS greatly decreases the SRS effect like never before. This reduction of SRS significantly contributes to increasing the laser engines’ output power, while improving their immunity to back reflections.

The laser material processing industry requires higher throughput at low system cost without compromising on process stability to ensure high manufacturing yield. As fiber laser manufacturers increase the output power, they face challenges such as thermal instabilities or nonlinearities that reduce the laser overall stability and reliability. The RSS is a simple and reliable component that pushes back the fiber laser limits in a cost effective manner.

The PowerSpectrum RSS will be presented later this week at Laser World of Photonics in China. TeraXion strives to push the boundaries of its high power components and relentlessly develops innovative products, always offering better opportunities to the industry.

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TeraXion is a leader in the manufacturing of innovative photonic components that incorporate fiber Bragg gratings, low noise lasers and integrated photonics. Its unique expertise makes it a prime partner for its clients: companies in light and heavy manufacturing, telecommunications, medical equipment, aerospace and defence.

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