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Quebec – May 02, 2024

Introducing the Wavelength Locker Series: Advanced Laser Diode Stabilization by TeraXion

TeraXion, leading manufacturer of innovative photonic components, is pleased to announce the launch of the WaveLock - FBG Wavelength Locker for laser diode stabilization and precise control.

Developed leveraging our +20 years FBG experience, the WVL series of wavelength locking Fiber Bragg Gratings are used to lock and stabilize the wavelength and intensity of laser diodes. 

Key features of TeraXion’s WaveLock :

  • High wavelength accuracy
  • Low temperature dependence
  • High side mode suppression ratio (SMSR)
  • Low insertion loss
  • Easy-to-integrate
  • Custom wavelengths available

"These FBG wavelength lockers are purpose-built for applications demanding lasers with exceptional stability and precise wavelength accuracy, including laser pumping, optical sensing, spectroscopy, and scientific endeavours," said Pascal Deladurantaye, Laser Systems Director.

For more information about the Wavelength Locker series, please visit the WaveLock page or contact

About TeraXion

TeraXion, an indie Semiconductor company (Nasdaq: INDI), is a world leader in the manufacture of innovative photonic components incorporating fiber Bragg gratings, low-noise lasers and integrated photonics. Its unique expertise makes it a partner of choice for customers in telecommunications, optical sensing or industrial lasers.


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