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Tunable optical filters Quantum applications
Quantum Communications

High performance spectral filtering for quantum applications

On: Mar 07, 2023

In: Quantum Communications

By: Marc-André Laliberté


Quantum science is a century-old field of study, but recent technological advancements led to the enablement of new techniques to tap into the endless potential of quantum mechanical properties expressed at the single particle level.

One can now exploit the quantum superposition and quantum entanglement principles to setup un-hackable communication links, to detect infinitesimal force shifts, or to solve complex problems that outweigh previous supercomputers. This requires controlling single atoms/ions, electrons and photons with high finesse so that nothing interferes with the desired process

High quality optics is key in addressing this challenge, starting with the generation of “pure” photons with:

• An extremely well-defined spectral profile
• Minimal noise
• High isolation from initially co-generated signals
• Minimal pulse distortion

This calls for tailored solutions.


• Quantum Key Distribution
• Atomic Clocks
• Quantum Computing
• Quantum Sensing
• Fundamental Research


• Single-photon Sources
• Entangled Photons
• Optical Tweezers
• Cold Atoms/Ion Traps
• Diamond Defects

Objectives & Examples


TeraXion’s optical filters rely on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology, renown for enabling narrow bandwidths and high isolation in a practical and rugged format.

To these intrinsic advantages, TeraXion adds 20 years of optimizing design parameters and refining manufacturing skills to achieve unique features the most challenging applications require.

Finally, the TFN tunable platform confers the benefits of an ultimate precision on the band position and an easy integration into commercial products.