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Narrow Linewidth Laser

Patrice Dionne

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The PureSpectrum™ NLL is a compact, low-noise distributed feedback (DFB) laser ideal for a variety of the most demanding optical sensing applications. The laser and its control electronics are integrated into a single module that uses precision feedback monitoring to provide ultra low-noise performance and superior wavelength stability. The built-in, sharp-edged frequency discriminator significantly reduces linewidth while maintaining single-mode operation across the full operating temperature range. The module also offers fast frequency tuning, which enables frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) sensing.

TeraXion developed the PureSpectrum™ NLL laser to combine the reliability of semiconductor diodes and the performance of a low-noise, narrow linewidth laser into a compact package. The NLL is simple to integrate into optical sensing devices for applications such as LIDAR, distributed sensing and RF over fiber. It is also ideal as a seed laser.

The PureSpectrum™ NLL combines a semiconductor diode laser with a unique feedback system, ensuring mono-mode performance and low frequency noise.

Top 5 Features

Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth

Ultra-Narrow Linewidth

The low frequency noise and narrow linewidth of the PureSpectrum™ NLL enables coherence lengths beyond 20 kilometers, ideal for ranged applications such as Doppler LiDAR.

Power Handling


The PureSpectrum™ NLL offers output power as high as 70 mW, allowing for a better signal-to-noise ratio.


Fast Tuning

The PureSpectrum™ NLL supports frequency tuning as high as ±200 MHz, eliminating the need for an extra frequency modulator.



The PureSpectrum™ NLL features a unique feedback system that provides frequency variation of less than 1 MHz at 100 s and 30 MHz over 8 hours of operation.

Low Intensity Noise

Low Intensity Noise

The PureSpectrum™ NLL features ultra-low relative intensity noise (RIN) up to 1 GHz.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value


<5 kHz

Output Power

30 or 70 mW

Fast Frequency Tuning Range

±12 MHz, ±100 MHz, or ±200 MHz.

Relative Intensity Noise between 1 kHz and 10 kHz

< -130 dBc/Hz

Relative Intensity Noise between 10 kHz and 1 MHz

< -140 dBc/Hz

Relative Intensity Noise between 1 MHz and 1 GHz

< -150 dBc/Hz