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High-Precision Optical Filters for Sensing Applications

Patrice Dionne

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TeraXion’s OF filters are made of state-of-the-art Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) and backed by 20 years of proven high-precision FBG components. The OFs’ unique value proposition is based on unrivaled performance and cost-effectiveness.

The OF filters can be tailored for bandwidths as low as 2 GHz and centered between 700 nm up to 2100 nm with < 50 pm accuracy. They are offered in different packaging options, including the best-in-class athermal package that features < 0.5 pm/°C thermal drift. Multi-peak etalon filters with variable peak reflectivity can also be designed to fulfill specific requirements

TeraXion’s OF high-precision filters are ideal for amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) filtering, carrier suppression, side-band suppression, Brillouin isolation, Raman isolation, or any other optical sensing signal isolation requirement.

Their high reflectivity (as high as > 99.9 %) and flat-top, steep-edge shape provides precise isolation without affecting the sensing signal. Combined with a typically > 35 dB mean out-of-band isolation (which corresponds to the noise floor of our production metrology testing), these characteristics enable impressive signal to noise ratio (SNR) improvements.

TeraXion has also adapted its multi-peak FBG design platform, developed based on best practices from the telecom market, to offer etalon filters for optical sensing systems. Compared to Fabry-Perrot references, the ability to write specialized gratings offers more freedom in term of profiling, which allows for variations in peak reflectivity, for example.


  • Signal isolation and ASE filtering for distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) based on Rayleigh scattering
  • Brillouin isolation and Raman isolation for distributed temperature sensing (DTS) as well as distributed temperature and strain (DTSS) sensing
  • Wideband filtering for multi-point FBGs strain and temperature sensing
  • Multi-peak etalon filters for swept-source laser monitoring

Top 6 Features

Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth

Narrow Bandwidth

The OF provides reflection bandwidths as narrow as 2 GHz.

Central Wavelength Accuracy

The OF is centered with < 50 pm accuracy.


Thermal Stability

The OF athermal packaging option provides < 0.5 pm/°C thermal drift.


High Optical Isolation

The OF mean out-of-band isolation typically reaches > 35 dB.


Flat-top Steep-edge

The typical OF has a flat-top and steep-edge spectrum for precision wavelength filtering.



The OF can be centered from 780 nm up to 2100 nm. Single-band or multi-peak profiles can also be designed.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Central wavelength

From 700 nm up to 2100 nm


From 2 GHz up to thousands of GHz

Central wavelength accuracy

< 50 pm

Max reflectivity

> 99% typical

Mean out-of-band isolation*

> 35 dB typical

Thermal stability (athermal package)

< 0.5 pm/°C

* Corresponds to the noise floor of the test and measurement instrumentation used in production.