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Narrow Linewidth and High Linearity DFB Laser Diode for Coherent Sensing

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Christine Simard

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The narrow linewidth and high linearity DFB laser diode combines high coherence length and linear frequency modulation response characteristics. This monolithic DFB has been designed to withstand high current modulation bandwidth and it exhibits an intrinsically narrow linewidth. It represents a key building block to achieve cost-efficient coherent sensing systems that usually rely on expensive narrow linewidth lasers and external modulators.

(Picture: DFB/SiP Integrated Multi-wavelength Laser Engine)


TeraXion’s DFB laser diode key benefits:

  • Low frequency noise and high linearity performances without relying on an external cavity, a complex laser driver scheme or an external frequency modulator.
  • Compact semiconductor laser compatible with low-cost mass production processes.
  • Direct current modulation further contributes to reducing the coherent sensing system’s complexity and power consumption.

TeraXion integrated the narrow linewidth and high linearity DFB laser diode into the LXM laser module to allow for quick coherent sensing system prototyping and proof of concept activities.


  • Automotive LiDAR for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD), levels 2 to 5
  • High performance LiDAR based on coherent detection architectures (ex. FMCW LiDAR and Doppler LiDAR)
  • Fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS)
  • High precision metrology

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Top 5 Features

Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth

High Coherence Length

The narrow linewidth and high linearity DFB diode exhibits down to 10 kHz linewidth, for a coherence length around 10 km.

High Linearity

The narrow linewidth and high linearity DFB diode exhibits less than 0.6% residual non-linearity for 1 GHz frequency chirp.


Ultra-Compact and Stable

The narrow linewidth and high linearity DFB diode is a monolithic laser chip which does not rely on an external cavity to provide high coherence length.

multi channel

Simple and Efficient Modulation

Direct current modulation of the narrow linewidth and high linearity DFB diode represents a simple and power-efficient method.



The narrow linewidth and high linearity DFB diode epitaxy design allows for high throughput laser wafer production processes.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Output Power

Typ. 40 mW


1550 nm

Linewidth, Frequency Noise Optimised Module

< 20 kHz

Linewidth, Linearity Optimised Module

< 80 kHz

Residual Non-linearity*

< 0.6%

Frequency Modulation Excursion

Up to 2 GHz

Relative Intensity Noise at > 1 MHz

< -155 dB

*Residual non-linearity specification applies to the linearity optimised mode only