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LXM Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser Module

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The LXM Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser Module is based on TeraXion’s proprietary laser diode technology. This single-wavelength laser is available in both standard and ultra-narrow models, reaching down to < 0.2 kHz linewidth. Ultra-low phase noise and fast frequency modulation properties make this laser unique and sets new standards in single frequency lasers.



The LXM integrates a DFB laser diode, a low noise current source and a temperature controller in a single, compact package. The ultra-narrow LXM-U also combines a frequency noise cancelation feedback system that provides unmatched performance without compromising the lasing mode stability. This module represents a reliable and easy-to integrate laser source for OEM applications such as:

  • Quantum key distribution (QKD)
  • Quantum computing and sensing
  • Precision metrology
  • Radio frequency over fiber
  • Distributed acoustic sensing based on Rayleigh Scattering (DAS / C-OTDR / φ-OTDR / OFDR)
  • Brillouin sensing (BOTDR)
  • Frequency modulation continuous wave lidar (FMCW lidar)
  • Doppler lidar

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Top 5 features

Low Intensity Noise

Narrow Linewidth Monolithic Design

The LXM features <25 kHz instantaneous linewidth under direct drive and <0.2 kHz for the ultra-narrow linewidth model.



The construction of the LXM protects the system from shock and vibration, and the laser is operational over a temperature range of -20° C to 65° C.


Ultra Compact

The LXM fits within a volume of 90 mm x 56 mm x 18 mm.


Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth

High Modulation Amplitude

The LXM reaches > 2 GHz amplitude at a repetition rate of 100 khz.

slope matched

High Modulation Bandwidth

The LXM has unique frequency modulation properties that can be leveraged in use cases such as frequency chirp linearity optimization or optical frequency and phase locking.

Critical technical specifications

Label Value

Output Power

Typ. 40 mW


Selection of a single wavelength around 1545 nm, 1550 nm and 1560 nm

Instantaneous Linewidth, Standard Module

< 25 kHz

Instantaneous Linewidth, Ultra-Narrow Module

< 0.2 kHz

Frequency Modulation Amplitude*

> 2 GHz at 100 kHz repetition rate

Relative Intensity Noise at > 1 MHz

< -155 dB

*Limited to 200 MHz for the Ultra-Narrow Module