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Quebec – Mar 25, 2024

TeraXion Unveils Narrow Linewidth Laser Module Powered by Proprietary DFB Semiconductor Technology

TeraXion, a leading provider of innovative photonic solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest breakthrough product: the LXM, a Narrow Linewidth Laser Module for coherent applications.

Developed on the foundation of TeraXion's low-noise electronics expertise, this cutting-edge DFB laser design sets new benchmarks in performance, stability, and scalability for mass production. Boasting key parameters including ultra-low phase noise and exceptional frequency modulation capabilities, this compact and rugged solution is primed to revolutionize a multitude of applications across various sectors.

Designed with versatility in mind, TeraXion introduces two distinct configurations of the Narrow Linewidth Laser Module to cater to diverse market demands. These configurations have been thoughtfully created to address specific requirements across a spectrum of applications, including wind sensing, distributed acoustic sensing, FMCW lidar, optical network monitoring, and quantum communications.

"At TeraXion, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of laser technology to empower industries worldwide," said Carl Paquet, Optical Sensing and Communication Director at TeraXion. "The launch of our own DFB Narrow Linewidth Laser Module marks a significant milestone in our journey of innovation, offering an unparalleled platform to meet the evolving needs of our customers."

Key Features of TeraXion's Narrow Linewidth Laser:

  • DFB semiconductor design for superior performance, stability and scalability.
  • High frequency modulation capability for precise control.
  • Ultra-narrow linewidth for enhanced accuracy and resolution.


TeraXion's LXM is poised to redefine the standards of precision and reliability across a myriad of industries. From enhancing wind sensing technologies to revolutionizing quantum applications, this groundbreaking solution promises to unlock new possibilities and drive innovation forward.

To learn more about the LXM and other TeraXion products, please visit our website at

You can also visit our Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser Module page.

About TeraXion

TeraXion, an indie Semiconductor company (Nasdaq: INDI), is a world leader in the manufacture of innovative photonic components incorporating fiber Bragg gratings, low-noise lasers and integrated photonics. Its unique expertise makes it a partner of choice for customers in telecommunications, optical sensing or industrial lasers.


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