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Quebec City – Mar 18, 2020

COVID-19 Update: Working at capacity

Keeping our engagements with our customers and partners is of foremost importance to us. We have reacted quickly to the COVID situation and put in measures early on to protect our people and our supply chain. We continue to monitor the situation and act accordingly. Additionally, our governments have been very proactive to limit the infection considering the number of infection cases, including closing public places and the closing of our national borders to people (not goods). We hope this will mean a sooner return to normal. Meanwhile, TeraXion, like many businesses, remains open and running at capacity.

We realize that similar precautionary measures have been put in place elsewhere, which may have an impact on our partners’ activities now and in the coming weeks and months. We invite our partners to contact TeraXion to inform us on what we can do to help minimize these impacts for them and better adapt. Contact us at

If the coronavirus has taught us anything recently, it is how interdependent and connected the world is. This underpins the importance of keeping channels of communication open between businesses to limit uncertainty to a minimum and to allow everyone to make better decisions for our people, our businesses and our communities.