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High Power Laser Raman effect

High performance FBG-based components for kilowatt fiber lasers power scaling

On: Feb 21, 2020

In: High Power Lasers

By: TeraXion

We present recent developments regarding fiber Bragg gratings for kilowatt-level fiber lasers. First, we show that writing grating reflectors through the fiber coating using an ultrafast laser improves reliability and enables higher pump power handling. The use of ultrafast laser technology also offers more options to produce gratings in larger core fibers. Finally, we show that Raman suppression gratings are a good solution for SRS mitigation with their large (>20 dB) rejection over 15 nm and low reflectivity at Raman wavelengths, and negligible insertion loss at the laser wavelength.


Guillaume Brochu, Samuel Gouin, Evelyne Brown-Dussault, Mathieu Huneault, Dominic Faucher, Mathieu Faucher, and François Trépanier "High performance FBG-based components for kilowatt fiber lasers power scaling", Proc. SPIE 11261, Components and Packaging for Laser Systems VI, 112610P (21 February 2020);

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