PWS – HPSR High-Accuracy Pulse Stretcher for High-End Ultrafast Lasers
PWS-HPSR High Accuracy Pulse Stretcher for High-End Ultrafast Lasers
HPSR longcourt HR

The PowerSpectrum™-HPSR is a high accuracy component used in combination with a Treacy compressor for the chirped pulse amplification stage of ultrafast lasers. With a tighter chirp control, this high-end component improves the laser performance, alowing the amplification of shorter and cleaner pulses as low as 200 fs pulses, often required by medical applications. It also enables larger pulse energy required for faster material processing.

The PWS-HPSR is also available with a gain bandwidth enhancement option. This feature allows the spectral shaping of the input pulse to expand the gain bandwidth of some amplifiers and then improve the pulse duration of the seed laser.


  • Higher accuracy on dispersion control
  • Gain bandwidth enhancement option available
  • 1 & 1.5 μm wavelength range
  • Reflection & transmission
  • Control over β2, β3, β4…
  • Customizable parameters
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