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Quebec city – Feb 04, 2021

PRODUCT RELEASE: Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM) for Ultrafast Lasers

Fiber-Coupled Acousto-Optic Module (AOM) Pulse Picker

TeraXion is proud to launch the AOM, a fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulator for pulse picking applications designed for ultrashort pulses involving a high peak power.

TeraXion’s acousto-optic modulator is a key component for ultrafast laser designers looking for a robust pulse picker to meet the requirements of industrial and imaging applications.

This new, fiber-coupled low rise time (10 ns) AOM controls the amount of energy per pulse by varying the amount of pulses per second that go through the amplifiers. In chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) or directly amplified lasers, a variation of the pulse energy enables the fulfilment of requirements of diverse industrial and medical applications. Every detail of the AOM’s design makes it a reliable asset within the ultrafast laser architecture. TeraXion’s telecom grade qualification ensures efficient, clean and reliable pulse picking.

About TeraXion

TeraXion is a leader in the manufacturing of innovative photonic components that incorporate fiber Bragg gratings, low noise lasers and integrated photonics. Its unique expertise makes it a prime partner for its clients: companies in light and heavy manufacturing, telecommunications, medical equipment, aerospace and defence.

Press contact

Yasmine Messikh
2716 Einstein Street
Quebec, Quebec, Canada G1P 4S8