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Since its inception in 2000, TeraXion designs, manufactures and markets best-in-class photonic products to selected emerging markets including high-speed fiber-optic transmission networks, fiber lasers and optical sensing applications.

TeraXion’s core competencies are the heritage of more than a decade of sustained innovation through proprietary fiber Bragg grating (FBG) and laser frequency control technologies. TeraXion’s ability to transform complex technologies into manufacturable high-technology products is unmatched: its employees are devoted to innovation from R&D up to volume manufacturing.

Its line of chromatic dispersion compensation solutions includes Telcordia-qualified low-loss DCMs and small form factor tunable dispersion compensators for 10 and 40 Gb/s direct detection terrestrial and submarine networks.

It also offers chromatic dispersion emulators with very high levels of dispersion, used for manufacturing and R&D labs.

Diversification in the industrial and aerospace/military market segments is also part of TeraXion’s strategy. Customized filtering solutions based on advanced FBG technology are used as reflectors for fiber lasers, while narrow-linewidth semiconductor laser sources are perfect for optical sensing and RF photonic links applications.