TF - Industrial Fiber Sensor
TF Industrial Fiber Sensor
Polyimide fiber 451x174

Our unique writing technology outperforms the conventional FBG manufacturing techniques. Therefore, TeraXion’s FBG enables fiber sensing with longer reach, in harsher environments with lower cost interrogators.

Our offer includes FBGs arrays on pure silica fiber for harsh environment. Our sensors have higher reflectivity than draw tower FBGs, greater tensile strength than conventional FBGs as well as narrower bandwidths or complex spectrum for affordable high precision interrogator.


  • FBGs and FBGs array for multi-point fiber sensing applications
  • FBGs on pure silica fibers (photo darkening free in harsh environments)
  • Written through the coating for better fiber integrity and high tensile strength
  • Industry’s narrowest bandwidths
  • Long term stability
  • Customizable wavelengths
  • Various fiber coatings possible
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