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  1. SRS modeling in high power CW fiber lasers for component optimization - 396 Kb

    G. Brochu, A. Villeneuve*, M. Faucher, M. Morin, F. Trépanier, R. Dionne - TeraXion, Quebec, Canada, (*) Optav Solutions Inc., Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada

    2016 SPIE Photonics West Conference, USA - Contributed Paper, January 2017

  2. Novel Spot-Size Converter for Optical Fiber to sub-µm Silicon Waveguide Coupling with Low Loss, Low Wavelength Dependence and High Tolerance to Alignment - 443 Kb

    M.-J. Picard(1), Y. Painchaud(2), C. Latrasse(1), C. Larouche(1), F. Pelletier(1), M. Poulin(1)- (1) TeraXion, Quebec, Canada, (2) Handyem, Québec, Canada

    ECOC 2015 - Contributed Paper, September 2015 Mo 4.2.4