PWS – PSR – Pulse Stretcher for Ultrafast Lasers
PWS-PSR Pulse Stretcher for Ultrafast Lasers

The PowerSpectrum™-PSR is a chirped fiber Bragg grating intended for stretching the optical pulse in Chirped Pulse Amplified (CPA) lasers. This FBG component is compact, has a low insertion loss and shows minimal group delay ripples. The PowerSpectrum™-PSR can be tailored to customer specifications or manufactured from the standard specifications listed below. PowerSpectrumTM-PSRs with these standard specifications are stock at TeraXion.

PWS-PSR at 1030 nm (PDF - 388 Kb)
PWS-PSR generic brochure (PDF - 1402 Kb)

Generic Features

  • Broad wavelenght range: 750 to 2400 nm
  • Perfect match with the compressor phase function
  • Low insertion loss
  • Up to 10 nanoseconds stretching
  • Packaging options: recoated, recoated + metal loose tube, athermal
  • Module with circulator
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