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PWS-THPR Truebandwidth HPR For Large Mode Area Fiber Lasers

The PowerSpectrum™ - TrueBandwidth HPR are high-power fiber laser reflectors optimized for Large Mode Area (LMA) fibers.

In high-power fiber laser systems, Large Mode Area (LMA) fibers are required to enable kilowatt single stage laser oscillators. Because LMA fibers can carry a few modes, it is challenging to build a laser oscillator with diffraction limited beam quality. This is why TeraXion has developed the PowerSpectrumTM-TrueBandwidth HPR with higher fundamental mode reflectivity. In order to deal with the non-linear effects associated with high power density, these laser mirrors are also available with larger bandwidths and customizable output coupler spectral profiles.


  • Up to 5 kW power handling
  • 1060-1080 nm center wavelength (other wavelengths available on request)
  • High reflectors (> 99.5%) with 0.1 to 6.0 nm bandwidth
  • Output couplers (5-90%) with 0.02 to 6.0 nm bandwidth
  • Customized output coupler spectral shape
  • Ease single mode operation
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