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TeraXion develops high-performance, yet economical fiber laser components and semiconductor lasers thanks to its fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology. Our manufacturing flexibility allows our customers, from small R&D programs to large-scale manufacturing, to benefit from the most reliable and stable high-power reflectors, narrowband stabilizers, pulse stretchers and optical filters on the market.

The PowerSpectrumTM product line provides high performance fiber laser components for high-power fiber lasers such as true-bandwidth reflectors (PWS-THPR) used to create laser cavities. It also offers a suite of components for ultrafast lasers: tunable pulse stretchers (PWS-TPSR), high-accuracy pulse stretchers (PWS-HPSR) and dispersion management reflectors (PWS-DMR).

The PureSpectrumTM product line offers semiconductor-based, high-power, narrow linewidth semiconductor lasers (PS-NLL), designed for applications such as LIDAR for wind energy and metrology, interferometric measurements for oil and gas sensing, acoustic and vibration detection for bridges and pipeline sensing, as well as Brillouin sensing for structural health monitoring.

PowerSpectrumTM and PureSpectrumTM products are built according to customers’ specifications or can be built directly from TeraXion's standard specifications shown on product-specific pages.

01 Watch: TeraXion line of Ultrafast Laser Components

Watch: TeraXion line of Ultrafast Laser Components

Ultra Fast Laser Components

02 New narrow-linewidth laser design and vibration sensing

New narrow-linewidth laser design and vibration sensing

Narrow linewidth lasers are used in a large range of applications, but many practical requirements remain unmet. They must be small, lightweight, highly insensitive to vibrations, and they must demonstrate great performance for power spectral density of frequency noise (PSDFN)...

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03 Contributions to LIDAR Technology

Contributions to LIDAR Technology

Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) is an optical remote sensing technology that measures properties of scattered (or reflected) light to find the range and/or other information of a distant target. The method to determine distance, speed or even composition of an object or a media surface uses pulsed, CW or modulated laser beam.

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04 The Common Thread

The Common Thread

The telecommunications industry was the first market to use fiber-optic components and devices in high volume. The expertise gained by bringing fiber-optic components and devices to the performance and reliability levels needed now can be applied in developing applications for other markets such as fiber lasers.

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