CS-TDCMX - Compact Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module
CS-TDCMX Compact Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module

This small form factor tunable dispersion compensator is a fully integrated module with a wide bandwidth and a large dispersion tuning range to support any 40 Gb/s modulation format. Based on TeraXion's well-established FBG technology, this ready-to-use module integrates a circulator and all the electronics, making it the smallest in the industry. With its embedded channel selector, the ClearSpectrumTM-TDCMX allows the user to optimize dispersion in a link for any channel, regardless of the channel plan. Therefore, system flexibility is increased and DWDM systems can be operated at higher speeds with improved design margins.

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  • Smallest form factor in the industry
  • Channel plan-independent
  • Low power consumption
  • ±1200 ps/nm, 45 GHz min bandwidth
  • I2C control command
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