CS-TDCMX - Compact Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module
CS-TDCMX Compact Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module

Being a fully integrated device, this tunable dispersion compensator features large bandwidth and dispersion range while supporting all 10, 40 and 100 Gb/s modulation formats. Including both circulator and electronics, the ClearSpectrumTM-TDCMX is the smallest of its kind in the industry. Through use of its embedded channel selector, the device allows users to optimize dispersion in a link for any channel, regardless of the channel plan. Full C-band slope-matched versions of the product are also available and integrable in inline agile networks for instance. With its increased flexibility, optical transmission links such as DWDM networks can be operated at higher speeds with improved design margins.


  • Smallest form factor in the industry
  • Channel plan independent
  • Low power consumption
  • Up to ± 1500 ps/nm
  • Bandwidth up to 45 GHz
  • Slope-matched options available
  • I2C interface
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