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Tunable and passive chromatic dispersion compensators are mainly deployed at the terminals to precisely compensate dispersion of festoon & submarine direct detection networks. In ultra-long haul submarine networks such as transatlantic and transpacific links, the bulk of chromatic dispersion cannot be fully managed by the DSP. High level dispersion compensators become a necessity for these links in order to compensate substantial amounts of dispersion on 40 & 100 Gb/s links using coherent detection and large effective area fiber such as G.654.

The TFC is a narrowband optical filter offering wavelength tunability over the entire C-band with outstanding channel isolation. These features are perfectly suited for submarine and superchannels transmission applications such as signal tracking, sub-band filtering or noise suppression.

On the laser side, TeraXion's narrow linewidth semiconductor lasers offer unmatched wavelength stability for coherent OTDR and full C-band tunability for submarine coherent communication research.


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  1. 1λ x 224 Gb/s 10 km Transmission of Polarization Division Multiplexed PAM-4 Signals Using 1.3 µm SiP Intensity Modulator and a Direct-Detection MIMO-based Receiver - 400 Kb

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  2. Efficient Fiber Nonlinearity Mitigation in 50-GHz-DWDM Transmission of 256-Gb/s PDM-16QAM Signals by Folded Digital-Back-Propagation and Channelized FBG-DCMs·- 332 Kb

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  3. Analytical and experimental performance evaluation of an integrated Si-photonic balanced coherent receiver in a colorless scenario·- 3497 Kb

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  1. Chromatic Dispersion Compensation in Extended-reach Architectures (265.53 Kb)

    Daniel Mailloux, Martin Guy and Carl Paquet

  2. Chromatic Dispersion Compensation in Extended-reach Architectures (265.53 Kb)

    Daniel Mailloux, Martin Guy and Carl Paquet

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