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Coherent modulators and receivers are key components used in today's optical transmission systems. Our integrated Indium Phosphide IQ Modulator enables 100G DP-QPSK and 200/400G QAM optical transmission for long-haul and metro networks. Our integrated coherent receiver based on silicon photonics is designed to meet the needs of 40G and 100G networks using coherent detection. Thanks to the SiP technology, our small form factor receiver (CRx-SFF) can be used in CFP and CFP2 coherent modules.

Both static and tunable dispersion modules can be used to emulate chromatic dispersion associated with transmission fiber. Low-loss dispersion emulators can be particularly helpful for dispersion ranges well above 10 000 ps/nm as seen in long-haul systems. Our low-noise semiconductor laser sources, such as the tunable narrow-linewidth laser, can be used as a local oscillator for multilevel modulation format transmission experiments using coherent detection.


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  1. Ultra Low Noise Optical Phase-Locked Loop·- 1412 Kb

    Simon Ayotte, André Babin, François Costin

    Photonics West 2014, February 2014

  2. Efficient Fiber Nonlinearity Mitigation in 50-GHz-DWDM Transmission of 256-Gb/s PDM-16QAM Signals by Folded Digital-Back-Propagation and Channelized FBG-DCMs·- 332 Kb

    Xiang Liu(1), S. Chandrasekhar(1), P. J. Winzer(1), B. Maheux-L.(2) , G. Brochu(2) and F. Trepanier(2). (1) Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, (2) TeraXion

    OFC, March 2014

  3. 100 Gb/s DQPSK Field Trial: Live Video Transmission Over an Operating LambdaXtreme®
    - 523.07 Kb

    Gregory Raybon, Peter J. Winzer, Haoyu Song, Andrew Adamiecki, Stephen Corteselli, Alan H. Gnauck, Thomas Kissell, Daniel A. Fishman, Nat M. Denkin, Yuan-Hua Kao, Terry L. Downs, Anthony Carenza, Yves Painchaud and more.

    Bell Labs Technical Journal Vol.14, No.4 p.85, April 2010

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  1. Narrow-linewidth semiconductor laser - One technique does not fit all - 709.11 Kb - September 2011

    Nicholas Gagnon

  2. Silicon photonics - A new technology platform at TeraXion - 345.93 Kb - September 2011

    Carl Paquet

  3. Low Phase Noise Laser Improves Coherent Communication R&D - 680.30 Kb - January 2012

    Carl Paquet