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Medical/Custom FBG

We provide customised Fiber Bragg Gratings and FBG module assembly for medical applications, such as dispersion compensation for OCT, LASIK and cataract surgery systems and custom applications where dispersion pre-compensation / compensation and beam quality stabilisation is a paramount necessity.


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  1. Generalized full-vector multi-mode matching analysis of whispering gallery microcavities·- 1085 Kb

    Xuan Du(1), Serge Vincent(1), Mathieu Faucher(2), Marie-Josée Picard(2), and Tao Lu(1). (1) Victoria University, (2) TeraXion

    Optics EXPRESS - OSA June 2014

  2. Root cause analysis and solution to the degradation of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) couplers in high power fiber amplifier system ·- 1543 Kb

    Xiang Peg, Kyungbum Kim, Xinhua Gu, Michael Mielke, Stephen Jennings, Andy Rider, Norman Fisher, Toby Woodbridge, Rene Dionne and Francois Trepanier

    Optics Express OSA August 2013

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  1. TeraXion's Product Offering for Medical Applications - 600.50 Kb - January 2012

    Nicholas Gagnon and Michel Morin